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It’s time to prepare for Firework Season

It’s that time of year again, when some of our pets require a little help to get through the noisy

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January 2020 Pet Newsletter

This month, we would like to share Vito’s story with you. After a lovely family Christmas Day, Vito’s owners awoke

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Arthritis Care – Detecting and Managing this Common Problem.

Arthritis is a condition that many pets develop during their lifetime, leading to stiffness, pain and a reduction in the

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Puppy Evenings at Peel Vets

Peel Veterinary Clinic is proud to present our Puppy Parties. They are to be run by our dedicated nursing staff,

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Kennel Cough – Why Should I Vaccinate?

“Kennel Cough”,otherwise known as Canine Infectious Rhinotracheitis, is caused by a group of viruses and bacteria. The name is misleading,

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Taking Care of Your Pet’s Ears

Ear conditions are a very common problem for our pets. We see ear infections and sore, painful ears every week.

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Online Booking and Reminder Service

At Peel Vets we are constantly working to improve the service we provide to our clients. As part of this,

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The Big Flea Project!

We are taking part in The Big Flea Project – helping to find out more about the most common pet

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Is your cat microchipped?

Why not have your cat microchipped? Losing a pet cat can be very distressing. A microchip is a secure way of identifying

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Update on Allergies

Just like us, our pets can suffer from allergies, particularly in the summer months. This is mostly due to the

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