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5th July 2017

Itchy Pets – Could Your Pet Have Allergies?

Did you know cats and dogs can have allergies just like us? They can show up in a number of ways such as having chronic diarrhoea, breathing problems or repeated ear infections; but one of the main symptoms is having itchy skin. If your pet constantly licks their feet, scratches their belly or rubs their body and face along the furniture, these can be the symptoms of allergies.

The first thing to do is check you are up to date with good treatments against fleas, mites and ticks. Often they are just irritating but sometimes your pet will be allergic to the parasite saliva and just one bite can cause a lot of distress. We can help you decide if your pet is allergic or just annoyed by creepy crawlies. Come in and speak to us about how to keep your pet pest free with effective parasite treatments and household decontamination.

Our pets can be allergic to a wide range of things. It must be something (an allergen) they have been in contact with before and when the body meets this allergen again it over-reacts to it, which we often see as them being itchy. As well as parasites they can react to certain foods, grasses and pollens. These things start off the itchy feeling and then with lots of rubbing, chewing and scratching animals can do a lot of damage to themselves. Once the skin is red and sore it is vulnerable to bacterial and yeast infections which will need to be treated before we can start to help with the allergy.

The good news is that there are lots of treatments to try, unfortunately first it is best to know the cause of the problem and then it can be difficult to find the right solution. Often pets need a combination of treatments to be comfortable.  When you come in and see one of our vets we can help decide on the best tests to do or offer some treatments to try. There is no one treatment that works best for all animals, so we may need to trial a few options, but once we’ve got good control don’t stop the treatment!

Whilst pets usually need treatment for the rest of their lives, we can make a huge difference to their comfort once we find the right regime.